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Vietnamese Grandmother by Gisele Hurtaud

Vietnamese Grandmother by Gisele Hurtaud

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Vietnamese Grandmother by Gisele Hurtaud is a stunning pastel on paper artwork that captures the essence of an elderly woman in a traditional straw hat. The artist uses realistic and vibrant colors to create a striking contrast between the golden-brown background and the straw hat, and the wrinkled face of the grandmother. This painting is inspired by a photograph by Alexandre Sattler, a renowned travel photographer. This painting is a unique and original piece of art that showcases the skill and talent of Gisele Hurtaud, a Haitian French artist who specializes in portraits. This painting is available for purchase at Art Enclave, an online platform that connects art lovers with emerging and established artists from around the world. If you are looking for a captivating and authentic artwork that reflects the culture and history of Vietnam, you will love Vietnamese Grandmother by Gisele Hurtaud. Order now!

Artist: Gisele Hurtaud

Dimensions: 22" x 15"

Medium: Pastels


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