About Us

How it all began...

Art Enclave LLC was founded in 1987 by Ramesh Malhotra to support the Mason Community's art scene. It offered art supplies, classes, framing, and gallery space to local artists. One of its supported artists was David Mueller, a former Gibson Greeting employee who became a full-time fine artist. He joined a painter group called "Mes-Amis" with three other artists, Greg Storer, Carl Samson, and Jeff Gandert. They painted outdoors in the style of French impressionists. Art Enclave also attracted other art businesses to the area, creating a vibrant cultural hub.

A Spiritual Journey...

The owner of Art Enclave is a spiritual seeker who was influenced by his heritage and his artistic friends. He studied sacred texts and traveled to India and other places to learn from different traditions. He wanted to share his vision with the world through art. He invited his friend Chuck Marshall, a talented painter who was working in a factory, to create "Spiritual Paintings" that captured the essence of various faiths. Chuck accepted the challenge and painted over 50 artworks in three years.


Ramesh found a perfect location for displaying these paintings: a historic building in Franklin, Ohio, that was built in 1848 and had a Greek Revival style. The building had 12 rooms with high ceilings and fireplaces, creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere. The building was transformed into the Museum of Spiritual Art (MOSA), which opened its doors in September 2015. The museum attracted many visitors and received positive feedback for its unique collection. In early 2022, MOSA added a Fine Art Gallery to showcase more artworks from different genres and styles.

Now and Beyond

Art Enclave has collaborated with local galleries, Artclectic and Eisele Gallery to showcase works by local artists. Coming soon is the Mining Art Gallery, a collection of mining-related artworks that depict the history and culture of the mining community. The artworks are reproduced on various products using the Giclee process. Art Enclave continues its mission to encourage and grow the art community. With the Art Enclave Gallery, the Art Enclave MOSA Gallery, and the Mining Art Gallery, we aim to create spaces that inspire and captivate art enthusiasts. Through our continued support for artists and our commitment to promoting fine art, Art Enclave is shaping a future where creativity and artistic expression thrive.