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Under the Blossoms at Keeneland by Jeff Morrow

Under the Blossoms at Keeneland by Jeff Morrow

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This oil painting by Jeff Morrow is titled “Under the Blossoms at Keeneland”. The painting features two majestic horses being led by their handlers under the enchanting blossoms at Keeneland. The artist’s masterful brushwork illuminates the scene, highlighting the graceful physique of the horses and the ethereal beauty of blossoming trees. A perfect blend of realism and impressionism, this artwork is a testament to Morrow’s skill in portraying light and shadow, emotion and movement. Ideal for collectors who appreciate equine art and natural beauty, this painting promises to be a focal point in any space.

Artist: Jeff Morrow

Dimensions: 13.5" x 18"

Medium: Oil


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