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Shadows by Linda Baker

Shadows by Linda Baker

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An exclusively limited edition of 450 prints with 50 artist's proofs. The prints were prepared from an original watercolor painting by Linda Baker and individually signed by the artist. The publisher further confirms that this edition is closed  upon the sale of the last print,

This print is 16 of 450.


Capturing the extraordinary light that transforms a subject is a major goal of award-winning artist Linda Baker. Her romantic watercolors, while painted in a realistic fashion, are much more about the feeling evoked by the intimate scenes. It is through her personal experiences that her subjects come to her. Her love of white and the soft nuances of grey make wicker chairs, porches, and picket fences surrounded by gardens her passion.

Linda Baker's studies began at Central Michigan University and continue with ongoing workshops and seminars. Her paintings appear in the Best of Watercolor and People in Watercolor both by Rockport Publishing and Chris Unwin's Artistic Touch 2. Her work has been featured in the May 1995 issue of the American Artist Magazine as well as The Artist's Magazine in October 1997. Her national awards include such prestigious exhibition as Watercolor U.S.A., Watercolor West, and Western Colorado Watercolor.





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