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Founatin Square by Patrick Romelli

Founatin Square by Patrick Romelli

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“Fountain Square” by Patrick Romelli, depicts the Tyler Davidson Fountain located at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio. This painting is a mesmerizing work of art that captures the iconic fountain in all its grandeur and elegance. The artist’s masterful brushwork breathes life into the cascading waters and intricate details of the fountain, making it a must-have for collectors passionate about Cincinnati’s rich cultural tapestry. The painting style is expressive with visible brush strokes. Colors are blended beautifully to create an ethereal atmosphere around the fountain. The fountain itself is painted with greenish tones indicating patina on bronze. Light seems to be emanating from behind or within the fountain creating a halo effect. There’s no clear delineation between elements; everything appears soft and fluid.

Artist: Patrick Romelli


Medium: Oil


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