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Ebenezer Babtist Church by Marlena Hebenstreit

Ebenezer Babtist Church by Marlena Hebenstreit

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This painting depicts a significant moment in the history of the civil rights movement: Martin Luther King Jr. delivering a sermon at his home church on Dexter St. The artist, Marlena Hebenstreit, captures the charisma and passion of King as he speaks to his congregation. The painting is part of a series that showcases the life and legacy of King, one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. The painting is signed by Hebenstreit and can be viewed in the online gallery or at The Museum of Spiritual Art that features artworks inspired by faith and spirituality.

Artist: Marlena Hebenstreit

Dimensions: 28" x 30"

Medium: Oil

Date: 2018

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