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Looking closely at any of her works, you can see what sets Melissa Sanders (Mel) apart. There are layers and layers of grit and love and writing: The writing and poetry that sets each piece in motion whispers to the top layer as the fruition of her inspiration. She is both a student and leader in the Abstract Impressionism movement.

When starting a piece, Mel journals where she feels the canvas should go. This is what only can be called a spiritual dance- private thoughts, encouragements, songs, and moments. Once a client becomes an owner, she reveals the entire underwriting. She has an acute ability to turn a personal story of a commission into a beautiful picture. Truly, it is magical.

Her reach spans oceans- collectors in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East- but feels so intimate to each client. Mel has been creating, producing and painting for over a decade- from studios and homes in Nashville, to now working out of Cincinnati, OH. Her clients are most attracted to the blueprint- the story- but pleased by the palette of peace.

Mel has displayed works in national galleries such as: The Art House, Pop Revolution, Gallery 42, Club 86, Fit Philosophy, OIO Gallery, Artifact Gallery, Broadway Art, 11 Awakenings, and Eye Candy. In 2020 Melissa had a solo exhibition at The Strauss Gallery. In 2017 Mel was selected as a featured artist for the La Musa Awards in Miami, Fl. Her works are also featured in hotel chains such as The Blu, AC by Marriott, andHome2Suites Hilton as well as street mural work in Hamilton, OH. Additionally, Mel uses her art skills as a guest speaker with Kintsukuroi Counseling.

Let Melissa create your story. Nothing is more intimate than capturing, growing, and displaying a dream.

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