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In his native South Korea, Chin H. Shin began studying the fundamentals of fine art from a young age. He trained in the basic principles of oil painting and watercolor, but still desiring more, Shin immigrated to the United States in pursuit of further education in the fine arts. In New York, he studied the Western tradition, familiarizing himself with the works of masters such as Camille Corot and Edward Hopper -- both of whom would continue to serve as sources of inspiration for Shin to this day. After his studies, Shin earned his Masters of Fine Art from Long Island University.

In most recent years, Shin has dedicated his focus on New York cityscapes. The expressiveness of New York City -- its brilliant culture, vast history, and even the very streets of the metropolis -- has continued to inform his work as he develops his artistic voice. Shin’s ultimate goal is to transform the scenes of daily life into a kind of visual poetry through his technical mastery of breaking down color and light. That visual poetry is the basis of a new kind of art form which Shin hopes to create and convey, influenced by Korean calligraphy and the bold brushstrokes of Expressionism.

Shin remains active in the art scene, showcasing his work at various art galleries including the Transform Gallery in New York City, Williams Gallery in New Jersey, Bucks County Gallery of Art in Pennsylvania, the Greenwich House Gallery in Ohio, Geary Gallery in Connecticut, and Saks Galleries in Denver, Colorado. He is also featured in the 2019 “Weather or Not: Art with Atmosphere” exhibition at the I.D.E.A. Museum in Arizona, and has participated in The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art in Brooklyn, New York.

Chin H Shin has a Master of Art Degree from Long Island University. His past affiliations include Oil Painters of America, American Society of Marine Artist, and Portrait Society of America, and has also been Juror of Award for Bold Brush International Art Competition and also current winner of The Bold Brush Award.

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