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Swami Prabhupada by Chandan Pramanik

Swami Prabhupada by Chandan Pramanik

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Swami Prabhupada by Chandan Pramanik is a stunning watercolor painting that captures the spiritual essence of the Indian guru and founder of the Hare Krishna movement. The artist uses a realistic style to portray the swami’s serene expression and gesture of prayer, while contrasting it with a vibrant and abstract background that suggests movement and energy. This painting is a unique and original work of art, signed by the artist and available for viewing at Art Enclave, an online gallery of fine art. If you are looking for a beautiful and inspiring piece of art to decorate your home or office, or to give as a gift to someone special, you will love this painting of Swami Prabhupada by Chandan Pramanik. Order it today!

Artist: Chandan Pramanik

Dimensions: 21" x 14"

Medium: Watercolor

Date: 2015

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